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I really wish I could take credit for this recipe, but it pretty much all lies within a red little McCormick seasoning packet…. I just could not leave it out of the blog, because it is seriously really yummy, and so easy any one could do it!  Ingredients:   3 pounds boneless beef chuck or […]

YUM! The hubby and I were hungry this weekend, and had no clue what we wanted. I was being bored and surfing blogs, and saw this recipe on Amber’s Delectable Delights. I showed the picture to DH, and he was all for it. He even offered to go to the store and get stuff to make […]

I made this a couple weeks ago to get into the fall spirit. I found the recipe on These muffins were seriously really good. The pumpkin flavoring is not too strong, so it was easier for me to get used to the chocolate and pumpkin combo. These were easy, and turned out really well […]

My DH has never had white chicken chili before, and I love it, so I was really excited to try to find a great recipe for him to try! I found a recipe on another Food Blog, Annie’s Eats. It looked delicious, so I ran to to the store, got the ingredients, and made it […]

When the weather started to get cold here, I decided that I was craving a good pot of chili. I found all kinds of recipes, and kind of made a mixture of several. The result was an absolutely delicious and filling chili, that was super easy to make! I made this a couple weeks ago […]