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I stole this recipe from Lindsay’s blog, and it was super yummy!!! Justin thought I was kind of crazy putting alfredo and chicken on a pizza (he is more of a pizza sauce and pepperoni pizza type of guy)! But, we both really liked it and it was easy to make! We received a pizza […]

We had people over this year for the Super Bowl, and I made several yummy things. The menu included: Chocolate Krispy Footballs, Buffalo Chicken (AKA Crack Dip), Veggie Pizza, and Hot Pizza Dip. I have pictures and recipes for all!! Chocolate Football’s I made this for the super bowl last year, and people told me […]

I got this recipe from my friend Lindsay at Love Deliciousness, who originally got it from one of my favorite blogs, Annie’s Eats. These turned out pretty good. The husband who is an absolute pasta fanatic loved this. He ate so many I lost count. I think I would have loved them except I didn’t like […]

My DH has never had white chicken chili before, and I love it, so I was really excited to try to find a great recipe for him to try! I found a recipe on another Food Blog, Annie’s Eats. It looked delicious, so I ran to to the store, got the ingredients, and made it […]

  I wanted to have chicken last weekend, but I wanted something different. I found this recipe online, and the husband really wanted to try it. This actually turned out much better than I thought it would. The ranch kept the chicken moist and gave some flavor, but it was certainly not overpowering. The breading […]

Back to my love of mexican… the other night I had a craving for chicken enchiladas. I searched recipe after recipe trying to decide on the perfect one. I originally wanted to try to make some that didn’t not use cream of chicken soup, but the one that looked the best did happen to have […]

This was a winner as soon as I saw the title. I love cream cheese, chicken, and my crockpot! This is easy and delicious! We ate it over egg noodles, which was really good! Enjoy! INGREDIENTS:   3 lbs chicken pieces ( I usually just use 3-4 boneless skinless breasts) 1 (2/3 ox) package Italian […]