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Creamy Taco Mac


I really do make foods that aren’t mexican I swear…. but for some reason as I update my blog today nearly all the recipes I have been finding were Mexican. So, for those of you who are not mexican lovers, I apologize. For those of you that are, today is your lucky day. This recipe […]

probably shouldn’t even post this recipe, because I probably should not encourage anyone to make something that is SO not good for you. But healthy-ness aside, these were delicious. Which I suppose I should have expected, with all of the full of fat ingredients involved. I am sure there are ways of making this a […]

Mexican Pizza


If it’s a mexican recipe, and I stumble across it, chances are I will make it. I had to adapt the recipe for these quite a bit because I didn’t have a few of the ingredients. These were still really good, and I think it is safe to say that with the omitted items they […]

Another favorite from Lindsay, at Love Delicousness. This recipe is actually one of her mom’s that she shared with a bunch of us on the Detroit Knot board. Since that fateful day, it has now developed a cult like following. It is seriously so yummy I would eat it every day if I could (and […]

Ever since I saw this on Molly’s Blog, I have been wanting to try them. I am a huge mexican food lover, and these looked amazing. The husband however, was worried he wouldn’t like them because of the refried beans. Luckily, I was able to talk him into it one night, and I am so […]

Back to my love of mexican… the other night I had a craving for chicken enchiladas. I searched recipe after recipe trying to decide on the perfect one. I originally wanted to try to make some that didn’t not use cream of chicken soup, but the one that looked the best did happen to have […]

I made this for a father’s day party back in June, and forgot to take a picture. I got the recipe from SImple and Delicious cooking magazine, and tried it last minute…. It was soooo good! My sister in law (who found out the next day she had appendicitis) couldn’t stop eating it with me. […]