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Beefy Casserole


I stole this one from Shelly at Loves to Nom…. I was looking for a easy recipe to use up some ground beef, and of course this one jumped out at me because it was full of cheese. This really reminded me of the flavor of the infamous taco bake recipe, but without the mexican […]

This is a million years old recipe straight from the Bisquick box that I decided to try one day. It is not surprising to me why this recipe is still around after all these years. It was really tasty and extremely easy to make!!! I love it, and have made it several times since first […]

I stole this recipe from Lindsay’s blog, and it was super yummy!!! Justin thought I was kind of crazy putting alfredo and chicken on a pizza (he is more of a pizza sauce and pepperoni pizza type of guy)! But, we both really liked it and it was easy to make! We received a pizza […]

This may not be the most original pasta salad, or the most fancy, but is my go to pasta salad recipe. DH and I love it, and we have been found running to the grocery store on random weekend nights just to buy the ingredients to make it. My FIL has been making this recipe […]